Wedding Video

As a Santa Barbara and Los Angeles wedding videographer, an important aspect of our workflow is that it all falls under my direction.  We don't get into each other's way and our movements are coordinated.  However, we are available to do video only if you already have a photographer.  For our wedding music video highlights, we go through and meticulously curate the best clips to tell the story of the entire day.  This main highlight is condensed with the top clips of the day in order to convey a heartfelt recap.

All our videos include the ceremony in its entirety as well as all footage captured at the reception.  This footage is cleaned up and edited between any cameras that were rolling at the time.  We also sync up and layer audio from the groom's mic at the ceremony and audio recorded from the deejay or band with camera audio.  We include a download/stream of your video which allows you to view on a range of devices from computers, online or some televisions/players that accept USB.  You also have the option to add blu-ray delivery.

Extras included in all but our most basic package include drone aerial shots, electronic gimbal shots and rail slider shots which add a cinematic quality.  As your wedding videographer, we capture these shots wherever possible while maintaining discretion.  These shots add immense emotional value to the main highlights.   At the end of the day, all footage is stored and backed up twice.  The backup is then placed in a fire/water proof safe for ultimate security.  Rest assure, your files are safe with us.