Wedding Posing Tips

Wedding Posing Tips!


Although we will be guiding and directing you on your wedding day, it doesn’t hurt to get some pre-game practice in before the big day. Having a camera in your face can be quite intimidating, get some prep work in to help you be more at ease on your wedding day.

  1. Placing your hands on your hips is quite common and it really helps to thin out arms. As you place your hands on your hips, shift your weight from one leg to the other while also slightly extending one leg out further than the other. Also, try moving one hand slightly higher than the other.
  2. Chin placement is very important.  Try standing in front of the mirror and slightly move your head left and right, not too much though.  Now try standing sideways and moving your chin towards your shoulder.
  3. Sitting pretty requires you to sit closer to the edge of a chair with your legs crossed at the ankles.  Also, try sitting slightly angled.  As for arm placement, here is where I will jump in and give direction.
  4. Be a copy cat!  Look up some photos that you really like.  They can be wedding, fashion, portrait, it doesn’t matter.  What is important is that you get use to these positions and try to adapt them to your body.  Try including your fiancé, he will be thrilled to be posing with you in front of a mirror. 
  5. When it comes to guys, our job is a lot easier.  Practice leaning against a wall with your hands in your pockets.  The key for guys in all these shots is to look relaxed and confident.
  6. Acting!  This one is important since weddings can sometimes be stressful and it really helps if you have your acting game together.  I need you smiling and having a great time throughout the day!  During formals, I may ask you to goof off, pretend to laugh  or have a somber moment.  These images will have a natural look to them and will help round out your collection. 

  Make sure to download our wedding guide here!